About Us

Welcome to Delight Pizza

A visit to DELIGHT PIZZA in PAPAKURA, South Auckland is really delightful for Pizza Lovers and for those who enjoy deliciously healthy eatables. These Pizzas have pure Italian flavour with a little bit of Indian touch to make these more tastefully pleasant. A survey among the locals was conducted and it revealed without an iota of doubt that Delight Pizzas are immensely popular, amazingly tasteful and highly appreciated by one and all.

We claim that nobody can beat us in the range, quality and taste. It's a real value for money. It is so tempting that even people from far off places stand attracted to enjoy themselves our delicious Pizzas. Please do not depend upon the hearsay and high sounding words of praise, just visit the Delight Pizza and enjoy the food yourself, be delighted and then recommend to others. It will be of immense service to your near and dear ones, for this we will always remain grateful and indebted.


For the first time in New Zealand the Delight Pizza has introduced the delicious and a big exclusive range of Vegetarian Pizzas namely: Veggie Delight, Apricot-Veggie Delight, Veggie-Paneer Delight, Tandoori Paneer Delight, Wedges Veggie Delight, Cheesy- Paneer Delight, Mushroom Delight, Cheesy Delight,Mozella Delight,Mozella Spice and Veggie Gold.


We use pure vegetarian cheese and do take care of the Pure Vegetarians needs with utmost care, fully understanding their sentiments of purity. Separate equipment is used and other precautions are also taken care of meticulously. Even in SIDES Chips and Wedges are fried in Canola Oil, no other Chicken or Meat stuff is fried in that Fryer. That means NO mixing at all.


We do take care of Chicken and meat lovers. There is a good variety to pick and choose from: Tandoori Chicken Delight, Butter Chicken Delight, Indian Chicken Delight, BBQ Chicken Delight, Apricot Chicken Delight, Garlic Chicken Delight, Pesto Chicken Delight and Cranberry Chicken Delight etc.


We do take care of meat lovers. There is a good variety of various meat preparations such as: Meat Delight, Supremo Delight, Bacon Chicken Delight, Pepperoni Delight,Bacon Tomato with BBQ swirl and the popular Hawaiian. Seafood Ones: There is a special Prawn Delight with sweet chilly.

Garlic Bread:

Our Garlic Bread is delicious and a beauty in itself. There is no butter, just garlic, cheese and herbs. It is more like a cheesy pizza garlic bread, it is different in shape and taste, will definitely stimulate your taste buds. We make our own fresh dough everyday and use special pizza sauce and cheese. Delight Pizza is committed to provide you- the best quality, good variety and a real value for your money. Wishing you always a robust health and Good Luck.